[테스트] 서핑하이 Surfing High
2023-07-12 13:23:44

[Wild Wave X Grapin]

 Summer Ale ABV 4.7 % IBU 21 송정의 서핑 문화에 영감을 받아 만들어진 맥주로,
즐겁게 파도를 타는 듯 가볍고 상쾌한 느낌과 꿀의 달콤함, 깔끔한 목넘김이 매력적인 여름 맥주
Surfing High has been created as a perfect match with the famous surfing culture in Songjeong -
where our brewery is located. A light and refreshing summer beer with hints of honey and tart and a dry finish.


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